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A Purrfect Romance

Bridey Berrigan desperately needs a break. Her day job as a chef has taken its toll, and she's all but given up on the male species. Then Bridey sees the ad for a cat sitter, and its good-bye shoebox apartment, hello Park Avenue palace! With only the pedigreed kitties, Silk and Satin, to keep her company, Bridey can finally get to work writing her dream cookbook. And she can't afford any distractions-least of all her intriguing new neighbor...

Businessman Mack Brewster likes his women glamorous, aloof, and very sophisticated. With her easy smile and fresh-faced beauty, Bridey isn't exactly his type. Also, Mack is a dog person. Still, the mouth-watering aromas wafting from Bridey's kitchen are impossible to ignore. And as the impish felines somehow keep bringing the two of them together, Mack's appetite is piqued-in more ways than one. But would Bridey even consider giving a guy like him a chance? Mack's not sure, but he can't wait to find out...

Reader Reviews

A literate romance novel...
By Verdict on April 19, 2014
This romance novel is not only light, bright and frothy, it is also literate. The author has a flair for narrative, keeping the reader intrigued and surprised from beginning to end. The story introduces us to a way of life that most of us can only imagine. It is fun and never slows down...a thoroughly enjoyable read

Great fun to read!
By Esther Wender on April 17, 2014
This book was great fun to read. It's not only a delicious romance but also the plot takes a number of surprising twists and turns and just when the reader thinks she has figured out what happens next the surprise changes everything. Two themes add a lot of interest, namely, the minor, but clever, role of the cats and the addition of gourmet cooking as part of the plot. As the story became more complex this reader found she couldn't put the book down. And then there is the tantalizing romance. I look forward to more books from this author.

Sexy and fun!
By on April 14, 2014
I had such a great time with this book. Sparks flying between two smart, sexy Manhattanites; felines getting in trouble; plus, delicious cooking! What's not to love?!
Can't wait for J.M. Bronston's next one!

Super cute guilty pleasure
By Reese Chase on April 12, 2014
If you are looking to escape for a few hours, this is just the thing. It is super cute with a twist at the end I didn't see coming. All in all a fun easy read from start to finish. Looks like I have a new author to look foward to reading, Thanks JM Bronston!

Read this book in one sitting!
By Tina Simms on April 3, 2014
I wasn't sure why a friend of mine gave me an early copy of this book; As a rule, I don't like romance novels, I can't cook to save my life, and I'm not a lover of cats! And yet..... I read the whole novel in a couple of hours - it was that good! It's a delightful, romantic, "forget your woes for a few hours" type of book and I loved every moment of it. Well done J.M. Bronston!